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Shipping Info

Owing to the extent and varying size and weights of our product range it is not always possible to give confirmed shipping costs at the point of checkout and shipping will be charged on a pro-forma basis. Once these costs have been calculated customers will be provided with a detailed breakdown including any shipping, handling, duties, taxes or other charges as applicable.

For countries outside the European Union taxes, fees and other charges may apply. As these charges vary from country to country customers are requested to check with their shipping advisors or local customs office before an order is placed.

Some products are subject to international restrictions and may require an import or export licence, it is therefore imperative that the correct authority is obtained in advance of an order being placed or goods being shipped.

Where customers are unsure about shipping regulations or charges we will be happy to provide advice and assistance and if preferred one of our experienced import / export team we will coordinate shipping either through own shippers or through customers own nominated shipping agents. No charge will be made for this service, however shipping in these circumstances is done entirely at the customers own risk and the payment of local import and customs charges remain the responsibility of the customer at all times.

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